Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exterminating the Clutter Bug and Reclaiming my Home.

As part of my jewelry making I like to feature copper that was reclaimed from my house…but lately I have been so focused on developing my jewelry business and growing it to the next level that I have neglected my home.  With 2 young boys and a husband, it has been all I can do to keep up with the daily necessities of laundry, shopping, cooking, cuddling and the light cleaning to keep chaos under control. 

For those of you who know me, I am not a clutter person, I guess that is one reason why my jewelry designs are often not very fussy.  It is a true reflection of who I am.  Heck, I can’t concentrate if I have more on my desk than my 5 main item groupings; computer / mouse, light, paper / pen, cup of tea, and item I am working on.  Yes I know a little anal, but it keeps me focused and more importantly relaxed.

Well I have been feeling quite overwhelmed and directionless lately and I realized it was because the clutter bug has snuck into my home.  It happens so very fast.  So I decided to begin to tackle it.  I know from experience that if I don’t define segmented areas to focus on directly I get overwhelmed with the scope of the entire project.  So I decided I wanted to focus on my bedroom.  My thought is that if I have a clutter free space to begin and end my days I will be a much more peaceful person.

Of course I didn’t take before photos.  It didn't even occur to me that the transformation would be as dramatic as it was.  But I do have one photo to share with you, the mountain of trash and Goodwill donations I eliminated from my room!  WOW…I had no clue I had so much stuff squirrelled in there.  So I will make my way thru all of the rooms in my house to see how much stuff I can eliminate from my life that I do not need and the stuff I do not want. 

trash-Lo-FiI would love it if you all shared with me some of your ways to fight the clutter bug on a daily basis…and even what you do when it comes to big purging jobs like this!