Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What did I get myself into!

Okay, so today I was cruising the Etsy forums and came across one that was entitled Tell us secrets about your shop. Well I HAD to look. One post by Martha Haskins Designs really caught my eye. She admitted to having a secret stash of supplies for projects that have not yet been done.

Unfortunately, I share that same deep, dark secret. I have a closet of shame in my guest room! Yes, I buy stuff when the notion strikes me for a fun project to do, then I stash it in my closet never to see light again. My husband knows this closet exists, but it is a don't ask don't tell policy since he too has his own closet filled with airplane and car models.

Well, Martha called all of us project hoarders out to accept her challenge...make something by Friday from our secret stash of supplies. She even started a thread called Creative Push to try to drum up other Etsians willing to take on the challenge.

Keep an eye on her blog to see what she creates! And check out her Etsy shop, Martha Haskins Designs, for more fun items like this "Spring Trio" of colorful birds.

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Pinch me, I made it into Trunkt!

Okay, so I decided to make a few new items and redo photos a little. I was soo pleased with the results that I decided to try AGAIN to get accepted to Trunkt. Well low and behold, I was accepted! I was floored! Now I feel motivated to re shoot more pix and create more lovely items! Follow this link to see how I look on Luster

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flickr get up and Go

Okay, I am not not so savvy yet on all of these methods of online networking, but I am trying! I had set up a flicker site a while back just to load a ton of photos in of an old house I found that I thought my parents would seemed to be a much more effective way of showing them the photos over the email way.

It worked soo well that I decided to look into what else Flickr had to offer. I actually impressed what all there was! I have now loaded a bunch more photos and joined a few groups. It has inspired me to get back to further investigating blogs. So here is a link to my flickr, site!

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