Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Search Term Tuesday, an Ode to Lady Gaga

Yes, Yes, Yes…I know I know my posts have been soo sporadic lately.  But today I just had to do a search term Tuesday.  Last night I had received a custom bookmark order with the words “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” (title of a Lady Gaga Song) stamped on it and I was a bit curious  as to what search terms people had been using to find my shop since I have not looked lately. 

Well to my surprise, I found a slew of Lady Gaga terms.  So, I decided that she would be my muse for this posting.  To further cement that idea, as I drove my son to preschool, the song Poker Face came on and my 1 year old started to groove in his car seat.

So here it goes:

Search Term 1:  Lady GAGA
I love to think that Lady Gaga, herself, has been perusing my items.  But I fear that my offering are not extreme enough for her fashion style.  I did come across this Felt Doll of her when looking up the search term for sample….maybe under that coat she has on one of my necklaces!


Search Term 2:  The Fame Monster
Once again I have to say I am in awe of what people can do with stickers and creative placement on items.


Search Term 3:  Poker Face
Can’t read my, Can’t read my, No he can’t read my Poker Face….


And here is a little something that will forever play in my minds eye whenever I hear the song Poker Face…I am sure these boys did Lady Gaga proud!  A little gem for any Poker Face fan:

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