Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Exterminating the Clutter Bug and Reclaiming my Home.

As part of my jewelry making I like to feature copper that was reclaimed from my house…but lately I have been so focused on developing my jewelry business and growing it to the next level that I have neglected my home.  With 2 young boys and a husband, it has been all I can do to keep up with the daily necessities of laundry, shopping, cooking, cuddling and the light cleaning to keep chaos under control. 

For those of you who know me, I am not a clutter person, I guess that is one reason why my jewelry designs are often not very fussy.  It is a true reflection of who I am.  Heck, I can’t concentrate if I have more on my desk than my 5 main item groupings; computer / mouse, light, paper / pen, cup of tea, and item I am working on.  Yes I know a little anal, but it keeps me focused and more importantly relaxed.

Well I have been feeling quite overwhelmed and directionless lately and I realized it was because the clutter bug has snuck into my home.  It happens so very fast.  So I decided to begin to tackle it.  I know from experience that if I don’t define segmented areas to focus on directly I get overwhelmed with the scope of the entire project.  So I decided I wanted to focus on my bedroom.  My thought is that if I have a clutter free space to begin and end my days I will be a much more peaceful person.

Of course I didn’t take before photos.  It didn't even occur to me that the transformation would be as dramatic as it was.  But I do have one photo to share with you, the mountain of trash and Goodwill donations I eliminated from my room!  WOW…I had no clue I had so much stuff squirrelled in there.  So I will make my way thru all of the rooms in my house to see how much stuff I can eliminate from my life that I do not need and the stuff I do not want. 

trash-Lo-FiI would love it if you all shared with me some of your ways to fight the clutter bug on a daily basis…and even what you do when it comes to big purging jobs like this! 


Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Thanks for stopping by. You are so lucky to have some Janet Hill originals!!
We've also been making weekly trips to the Goodwill. I'm in major divesting mode and it feels so good to get rid of things right now.

Susan said...

It must be the mild winter we are having that is making me enter my "spring Cleaning" mode early!

knitsteel said...

Yes! I know what you mean. This spring I've been focusing myself to cut back on the crafting supplies and good intentions. They become a clutter and an excuse for not-crafting-enough guilt. Need some yarn?

Jacqueline Hough said...

I am in the midst of taming the clutter right now. I have never been a neat person but I try to maintain some sense of order.

Ioana-Carmen said...

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