Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Search Term Tuesday, Honoring the Book Lover!!!

It has been a while!  Well the little one is asleep and the older one is at pre-school, and I find myself in utter silence on a rainy Tuesday morning.  So what should I do?  Revive Search Term Tuesday of course!!!

Search term 1:  “she has read too many books and it has addled her brain”
I love that quote, it is one from Louisa May Alcott, but it really shocked me to sea that search term brought someone to my site for almost 30 mins!  I HAD to look it up.  What I found was the cutest little shop named “Bookity”.  What a great find this shop was.  I have some many friends and family who are bibliophiles and this shop is a PERFECT place to do a little holiday shopping for them.
Search Term 2:   “Sarah plain and tall”
This book is found on MANY of the required reading lists for schools and was made into a popular made for tv Hallmark Movie series and featured Glen Close and Christopher Waklen. 
First let me say this…I am a SLOPPY typer…my mind moves faster than my fingers.  When I first typed this into Google I typed “Sarah Palin and tall” and was stymied as to why all sorts of sites dedicated to Palin popped up instead of the book I thought I was searching for, DUH!  Okay so after correcting my typo, I found this site for Elizabeth Metz, who does some interesting illustrations, one of which is “Sarah Plain and Tall”.
Sarah Plain and Tall 
Search Term 3 “e.e. cummings gift “
EE Cummings is most often thought of as an American poet, but he also did a few plays as well.  There are so many wonderful quotes that you can pull from his body of works!   I enjoyed this print with the Quote “The Earth laughs in flowers”   in the Art by Erin Leigh shop:

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