Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers for the Ladies

Running a business that is predominantly e-commerce based can make you feel like you are in a bit of a bubble at times.  It is especially so when you live out in rural America where houses are scattered about 1 every mile.  The other day one of my “neighbors” called me up to ask if I could be a guest speaker for the the Women's Club meeting she was in charge of hosting.  I was very flattered that she thought that my “hobby” was something that the ladies would like to hear about.  But even more exciting it was allowing me a chance to speak to women in my community that may have a connection to my house in some way. 

My husband and I bought our house in the country about 7 years ago as a major fixer upper project of passion.  It had been occupied by members of the Tighe family since it was built around the turn of the last century, but in recent years started to require more care than the family could give.  Being in a rural farming community, many people have close ties to the Tighes, and the Fairmount Women’s Club is no exception.  One of their former beloved members, Betsy (Tighe) Torbit, who unfortunately departed too soon, was born and raised in my house.  Ironically it was the renovations of the house that lead me to my hobby by supplying me with the reams of copper I use in many of me creations. 




I thought it was only proper to bring a Thank You gift to the ladies of the Fairmount Women’s Club for allowing me to speak to them about who I am and what I do (plus let me escape from the responsibilities of being mommy for an evening).  What could be more appropriate than a fun flower doodle bookmark made from the copper wiring we removed from the Kitchen?  The evening was a success.  I met many wonderful women in my community, heard stories about the the Tighes,  and was able to learn about their charitable contributions to help those in our area, especially students, by raising funds for scholarships….one of which is in honor of Betsy Torbit.  Now I am inspired to find ways to join forces with them to help with fundraisers and events to further help support this great little community I am a part of. 


I am thinking of selling Flower Doodle Bookmarks with 100% of the proceeds going towards scholarship funds that the  Fairmount Women’s Club manage….




O'BoyMom said...

Great story! Lovely house, lovely artist, Lovely Ladies.

Susan said...

Thank you! Thank you!

Hapa Girls said...

WOW! LOVE your house!!! I want to come visit and just sit on the porch!!!

Susan said... are welcome to come ANY day!

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