Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It seems as if people have very definite opinions about Halloween…they like or dislike it.  Which side of the fence are you on?

I really enjoy Halloween, and now with 2 little kids in my life I enjoy it more.  One of the main reasons I enjoy Halloween is because it is my Birthday in a few days.  But I also just enjoy the creative aspect of the holiday….the daydreaming about what to dress up as, the decorating, the pumpkin carving. 

I am proud to say that my oldest son, James (5), has been really showing signs of great creativity this Halloween season.  I let him be in charge of all the decorating and he had a blast…I cannot wait to see what he will come up with in years to come as his skills develop!  One of the items he came up with is a fun pumpkin to enter into the pumpkin decorating contest at his school.  The rules are no cutting, no carving and no electronics, and yes a pumpkin or gourde must be the feature element.  So immediately James knew what he wanted…a “peek-a-boo” pumpkin!  

So here I present to you, our “Peek-a-boo” pumpkin for the pumpkin decorating contest!  Not too shabby for a kindergartener, but I am a bit biased of course.





PS…Don’t forget that on Nov. 2 I will be drawing 5 lucky winners who will each receive a copper ring in honor of my 500 sale on Etsy!  Check out the Blog Post to see how you can enter!

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