Thursday, November 17, 2011

“HOPE” goes High Profile!

So why is Giuliana DePandi Rancic so happy in this photo?


Well that is because she just received the perfect necklace to go with her dress…courtesy of Luster!


The necklace is a handcrafted Awareness Ribbon with the word “HOPE” hand stamped onto it.  It is hung on  a18” sterling silver chain. It is a simple yet powerful necklace that is a wonderful gift for anyone who has “Hope” that the cause that they believe in will someday be cured.

I am a member of a juried group that has the privilege of being asked to provide items for high profile events and gifts to high profile people.  One of the recent gift bags was a get well bag of sorts for Giuliana to cheer her up post procedure for her lumpectomy.  I am also working on another high profile gift as well as items to go into not only 1 but 2 celebrity events…they are pretty major and more will come on that soon!

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