Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Bridal Expo

Recently I took a chance and did a Bridal Expo.  I thought it would be fun to try to tap into that market a bit more since I will be launching a Bridal based category on my website.

My spot was pretty prime, it was right at the entrance, but dark as can be.  Thank goodness I had some additional lights with me.  I wanted to set my booth up like a girly dressing room and have it be inviting but still inline with my branding and colors. 

I think for a first booth, it came out pretty nice, but there are things I will change for the next time I do a show, as this was a very time intensive setup.  I LOVE how my sign looked.    

Here are a few photos:

The booth looking inbooth-1

The Back Wall


Left Side


Right Side


As for the show itself, I was a little disappointed.  I live near The University of Illinois, a major university for those of you who are unfamiliar with it,  and unfortunately this event was the first weekend of their spring break.  So the attendance was VERY poor. 

The other problem was that the event was from 12 – 4pm and from 2pm until 4pm there was a bridal fashion show.  So during the show, everyone was gone from the expo floor and watching the catwalk.  We vendors could hear the crickets.  

Some vendors bailed early as a result but those of us who stayed were bombarded with visitors leaving the fashion show that ended at eh same time the event was due to end.  I stayed with no issue, but the fact that it was close to 5 when people left and we were supposed to be cleared of the expo floor by 5pm.  So once again I was cursing my time intensive set up. 

I now have a mess of stuff to go thru and jewelry to untangle.  But I did have a lot of positive feedback and a few orders.  Will I do it again?  Probably not.  Was it fun?  Sure. 

I met a really great couple who do amazing photography and and they made the time pass better.   So I will give them a little plug here…They are not limited to just Bridal photography, they also do babies, family, seniors, you name it.  They have a great style, it is vintage meets modern classic.  I LOVE it.

K. Design Photography


Jen B. said...

Your setup looks really pretty though!

emajahan said...

very nice.