Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Search Term Tuesday….the Return!

Okay….it has been awhile.  I won’t waste your time with excuses, life happens, we get sidetracked, and then we get back on track again.  So here I am.

When I sat down today to look at my Google analytics for my shop, I was sooo amazed at all of the wonderfully odd search terms that were used to get people to my site.  I had a hard time limiting it to 3….but here you go:

These search terms were selected because they brought 10 or more viewers to my site.  All photos are of products I found to illustrate what I normally would think of when I hear the search term.  If you click  on the

1.  Leather Bound Book

This was a fun term to see.  I have been experimenting with textures and have some new ones that I will be launching that look like leather, sharkskin, and snakeskin.  For the fall I have some plans to incorporate real leather and suede into a few pieces as well.


2.  Etsy Lingerie

I love the thought of my  jewelry being associated with lingerie.  Jewelry like lingerie is something that is so personal and intimate and worn close to the skin.  It is nice to see the association.  I have some plans for lingerie inspired jewelry, but that will not be available until next year I fear. 


3.  Subway sign wall art

WOW…how odd is that term for what I make….but it sure would be really cool to have a line of necklaces inspired by signs….hmmmmm.  Gears are turning for new items now.  In the comments section leave suggestions for signs you would like to see as jewelry.  If I choose one of yours for production, you will receive the first one as a gift!