Tuesday, March 17, 2009

15 Days Left!


That’s right…in 15 days I will have to do some serious shop maintenance on both my Etsy Luster Shop and my personal Luster Metal Works site ! My 1000 Markets Luster Shop will go into vacation mode.

As you know, I am about 5 weeks out from having a baby, and it is getting increasing harder to work in my studio making the custom jewelry. Once the baby comes I am sure it will take me a few months to get back “into the swing” of things again. I haven’t asked the doc yet, but I am sure that slamming a hammer on metal will defiantly be out of the question for at least 6 – 8 weeks post c-sect!

So with that said, this is an early warning that if there is anything in my shop you are thinking of buying, now is the time. My plan is to get a bit of inventory set up and have some items to offer during my hiatus, but they will not be customizable.

To help me plan a little better I am setting up a poll to find out what people think I should stock up on. I appreciate your taking the time to take the poll and help me out! It should be up later today!

When I return from my “Baby Hiatus” I will be debuting a new line of jewelry! So keep posted here for updates and sneak peaks!

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