Friday, March 27, 2009

4 weeks to go, but still working away….

SO my husband laughs at me all the time and tells me i am a crazy pregnant lady. My nesting desire is not to get the house ready for the baby, but to prepare my business so it can keep running even when I am not. I have been doing so well selling in my Etsy shop “Luster” that I am afraid to go on hiatus and loose momentum!

I was a little offended by his statement at first until I stopped to look at what I was doing…and it is pretty true. I spent all day (6+ hours) on Saturday out in the shop making circles to turn into necklaces and earrings for inventory. This Saturday I plan on making ring! I have to say I am quite a lucky girl, I had no swelling in my legs at the end of the day, but boy was I slow moving on Sunday. I snapped this less than glamorous shot of myself leaving the barn after my day of working!


Here is a quick shot of over 200 circles in silver and copper as I pulled them out of the pickle pot. pile-of-circles

Now all I have to do is hammer then heck out of them to give them a great texture and oxidize some, and I will have a nice inventory for necklaces and earrings for a few weeks! When I get everything all finished I will have to take an “after” shot!


I just want to remind you all that next week is the last week to order custom items or rings in specific sizes from my Etsy shop or from my online website. Once I am done bulking up my inventory, I will change listings to reflect what I have available to ship.

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Sweet Greens said...

Girl, you have been busy.