Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay we all make them, but I figured I would share mine with you. Lets see how well I do this year actually keeping them…

1. I will scan and file ALL of my receipts on a weekly basis.

2. I will not obsess over what my shortcomings are both professionally and personally. Instead I will celebrate my accomplishments and work to improve myself in the areas that need a little tweaking.

3. I will take more photos of my family!

4. I will improve my jewelry photography skills with the camera I do have and not dwell on what I could do with the camera I don’t have.

5. I will experiment with new recipes…I feel like we are in a food rut. Maybe if you are lucky, I will share some with you!

6. I will continue on my path of a healthy living lifestyle…not that I am particularly unhealthy, but I can do better.

7. I will re-evaluate my business plan, products, pricing and sales avenues.

8. I will develop new product lines.

9. I will document my work in a more organized manner.

10. I will communicate better…


Jessie said...

Very nice list! I especially like #2 - good advice for anyone! As for #6... so far I'm on 1 workout done this year. Hopefully with a few more to follow! I'll try and share a few recipes if I remember. We've found some nice restaurant-a-likes lately.

Susan said...

Thanks Jessie....reminds me I have a Christmas Gift that is still waiting to be delivered to you.....hmmmm. Someday.