Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Search Term Tuesday!

Well Tuesdays seem like a good day to look at odd search terms that brought people to my site. Here are a few of them that I found very interesting. Based on the data in Google Analytics, each of these search terms brought one viewer to my online store and that person spent 5 mins or more viewing my items. Unfortunately, I can't tell if a sale resulted from that view, but I do enjoy looking at what brought people my way so I can better address the needs of my audience.

The first fascinating search term was:

“Handmade jewellery shops in Vancouver, bc”

Well, I am a handmade jewelry shop, but I am neither located in Vancouver, nor am I in British Columbia. I think that Illinois is geographically no where close to that location, but somehow via the cyberspace gods, it is.

The second term that stood out to me was:

“crochet market beach bag”

For sure I do not do any crochet work, nor do I have any bags. But I REALLY would love to go to the beach right about now with my own crochet market beach bag! Anytime I leave my house right now, I have to battle the snow drifts and bitter cold. Burrrrrr.

And the third fascinating search term was:

ferret print”

Okay, well there are no animal prints of any kind in my shop. And to be honest with you I am not sure I am much of a ferret person. Don’t get me wrong, they are cute in a sneaky sorta way, but just not my thing. When I was growing up, we found a domesticated ferret in our trash can one day. I don’t know if he got lost or the owner was trying to “dispose” of him. We lived in a rural area next to a little General Store, so odd things were often appearing in our yard. All I remember about him was he was cute, curious, and stunk to high heaven. We found him a happy home and I haven’t really thought of him until this search term triggered the memory of that surprise find.

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