Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sneak Peak

I know I promised I would show you photos of my last sneak peak but my house has been invaded by some of my husbands co-workers from the VA office.  Which means I have been cooking and cleaning up after all these extra boys.  And worse yet I had to give up my “play” room so it could be a guest room again.  So I have not had a spot to sit and assemble jewelry or worse yet to photograph what I have completed.
However, I did get some time out in the shop on Sunday, and boy did I make use of it!  I made a million zillion little component bits.  Here is a nice shot of them fresh out of the tumbler….boy was it fun to pick out all of those little bits from the shot!
PS…really I will show you some finished items soon…..I just need my space back!


knitsteel said...

lots of sparkly goodies. It's so much fun to make lots of bits and then put them together.

Susan said...

My almost 4 year old looks at my stash of ever growing sparkly goodies and asks if he can play pirates and use that as his pirates treasure. I wanted to make a really great fringe like necklace with all of the copper and silver tabs in my photo from last week, but fortunately / unfortunately I have a new galley that is carrying my items and has asked for a lot of earrings....so I guess that is what a lot of this will become. I will make my fringe necklace another day. Also I am gearing up for an art festival here in a few months so I have to get inventory up....